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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Reiki and Mainstream Medicine

Reiki has progressively made its way into Mainstream Medicine in the last ten years. We now see Doctors and Nurses applying Reiki before surgeries, while women are in labor, and in many other situations.

Reiki has become more and more widely accepted and it has been shown that when used alongside traditional medicine, rather then choosing one or the other, it works best for the patient. Doctors whose patients have been given Reiki sessions prior to surgery find that they heal faster and with less complications.

Are we seeing a trend here? I don’t think so. Reiki isn’t a fad. Reiki is in fact a 2,000+ year old healing technique that dates back to the origins of our planet.

Traditional Reiki is taught in degrees or levels. Reiki I, II and III or the Master/Teacher level. Reiki level I was at one time taught to all children in school at around the kindergarten level, or between the ages of five and seven. Level II was taught at about the ages of ten to twelve years of age. The Teacher/Master level was taught to those in the Medical and Teaching fields.

Once you are attuned - the process of passing on to the student the ability to access Reiki energy - it is with you always. Reiki becomes a part of you down to the cellular level.

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