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Saturday, July 15, 2006


It happens to the best of us no matter the intentions.

Here's the scenerio: You log on to the net/web/usenet/whatever, planning on just checking your email or some other small task. Maybe even looking up the defination of a word, or even googling a new product. And WHAM! Before you know it, you've just lost 4 or 5 hours of your day, or night, as the case may be.

Where does all this time go? How can it have passed without your knowledge? Did you fall asleep and weren't aware of it? We aren't mindless drones that are unaware of the passing of time. And yet somehow time passes and catches us unaware.

I call it "The Black Nowhere" since it's more than just a black hole of time. It has no space really because in reality, the web is an intricate linking of billions of computers in the netherworld of this "thing" we call cyberspace. It isn't one location.

How does it happen? Now there's a question I'd dearly love to be able to answer.

I've talked to my younger brother about it and he says it happens to him too. I've seen first hand how it happens to all three of my children. I have quite a few friends that seem to suffer from this same problem.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no cure for this extremely widespread phenomena.


Anonymous said...

What happens is that you time out from your negative consciousness (relieving yourself from the confines of your mental inhibitions) and allow the (non-constricting) postive ( and naturally inquisitive) side of your consciousness the freedom to operate. When you snap back into your negative consciousness - your restrictions return and you focus once again on time limits

Jeanine said...

Nicely said Anonymous... sounds almost like you're describing a meditative state...