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I’m married (for the 2nd time) just over a year now. I have 3 children ages 21, 17 & 16 as well as a daughter who is 21 years old from my husband’s previous marriage (not a typo) and recently married so I am now a mother-in-law as well. I think it’s great!! All my love to both of them!!! As long as they wait to have children until he is out of the Army! I’m also a Nursing student in my 2nd year of school. I’m seriously considering a change in my major to Nutrition. Much as I want to be a Nurse, I think becoming a Nutritionist may be the avenue I choose. I am fluent in American Sign Language and speak Italian as well. I also love the outdoors, camping, hiking, riding motorcycles with my husband, and the beach are among a few. I hate the cold but I love snowball fights with my family. I enjoy crochet of all kinds, but there’s something about the detail when it is done with crochet thread that I especially love. I try to spend as much time as I can enjoying life and what it has to offer.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Base Chakra Mandala

Mandalas are a fantastic way to focus your energy when you're meditating.
Below is one that can be used for the Base Chakra, as well as info on that specific Chakra.

*Chakra is the Sanscrit word for "Energy Conducting Wheel"

Base Chakra: located directly at the base of the spine, also known as the coccyx.

The Sanskrit name is Muladhara, meaning; root or support.

Associated color: red.

Element: is Earth.

The life lesson is: standing up for oneself.

Main issue: survival, physical needs.

Associated body parts: bones, skeletal structure.

Goals: physical health & fitness, grounding, stability and security.

Crystals: hematite, agate, bloodstone, tiger's eye, garnet, ruby, onyx, rose quartz, and smoky quartz.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Someone shared this with me quite a few years ago, and because of the impact it had on me with how I felt towards other's beliefs, I wanted to share it with others willing to read it. I hope you find meaning in the words that follow.

Well, it had been yet another bad day in the office, and once again it was the fault of that new girl, MaryAnne. She is one of those Wiccans, a so called witch. How can anyone in their right mind make this claim, knowing that it goes against God and all of the teachings of the bible? She doesn't even have the common decency to keep her satanic symbol, her pentagram necklace hidden from the view of the decent, God fearing people in the office. She has some nerve. I find that I cannot hate her for this though, for I know that she has been deceived. Satan works his evil in ways that she cannot see. I've seen that so called Wiccan Rede that she has tacked to the wall above her computer. On the surface, it looks like a decent loving belief, but all one must do is look, look closely and see that by practicing this way, and not embracing Jesus Christ as savior she is on the pathway to hell.

As I've said, it was a bad day in the office. Three times in the past few weeks I have been called in to see my supervisor, and he has told me that I am not allowed to preach to MaryAnne the word of God, to show her the error of her ways. Today, my supervisor told me that if I continue to "harass" MaryAnne, he will be forced to terminate me. How can he say this? He himself is a God fearing man. And, how can he be so tolerant of the evil that he sees insinuating itself into our workplace?

As I lay down to sleep last night, I asked the Lord for guidance. "God, grant me a true vision of you, so that I may better lead the faithless onto the righteous path."
"Oh, a true vision of Me is it? Are you sure that you're ready, truly ready to see, my son?" I sat bolt upright in bed, and there, at the foot of my bed, white of hair and beard, in a long, flowing white robe, stood the Lord my God. I made to leap from the bed and fall to my knees in front of Him, but he stopped me with a gesture. "Kneel not before me at this time my son. Instead, rise and walk with Me, so that you may get a glimpse of what I truly am, as you asked of me in your prayer." He took my hand, and as I looked, my bedroom was no longer there, but a pathway thru the woods.

We started to walk, and I was too awestruck for words. We took the path to the left, and we
were then inside St. Catherine's Church, in the middle of a service. While still standing beside me, God seemed to expand and fill the whole of the church. I could see smiles of contentment forming on some of the parishioners faces. I felt blessed. God smiled upon me.

"The Catholics hold such pretty masses, don't they? I like to stop here in this church, because not only do they speak the words, but they live the life, thru teaching, helping the sick and poor, not only with handouts, but helping them learn to help themselves. Now let us walk on," And we were back on the pathway.

We traveled a bit further along, and then were in the parlor of a funeral home. A young woman was kneeling before the casket, resting her head on it and crying. I could see by the similarity, that this dead man must be her father. God knelt beside her, and drew His arms about her. "Miss him, that is all right, but weep not for him, for now he is with Me". She wiped her eyes, and stood with a sad smile upon her face, and said "Good-bye Daddy. I'll miss you," and turned and left the room.

And we were back on the pathway. We walked a little ways, and we were in front of a large
lodge of some kind. I could hear music and laughter spilling out of the windows. I turned to look at God, and was shocked to see, not the flowing white robe, but Him wearing leather and animal furs, his hair and beard now the color of wheat, and a sword strapped across His back. He strode forth, and I saw him approach a figure I had not seen before. As I looked close, I was shocked to see that it was the same face that I had just seen dead, but looking young and strong, and dressed in ancient looking garb, an ax strapped to his waist. God strode up to him and grabbed him in a great bear hug. "Welcome my son. We've been waiting for you. Now, go inside and raise a cup or two, and meet with your brother." And, with a hearty slap on the back, he sent the man inside.

And then we were back on the pathway. We walked a bit further, and then we were in a mosque. At least I believed so, as I had never been in one before, but had seen pictures of them. The group of worshippers was not large, but I could see their rapt faces as they listened to the mullah speak. He was speaking to them of purity, both of the mind and the body, bringing them closer to Allah. And as he spoke, God, dressed now in the robes of the desert, walked among them and briefly laid his hands upon each set of shoulders. And, from their faces, I could see that these men knew that the words of the mullah were true, and that their spirits felt touched by God.

And then we were back on the pathway. After we had walked a bit, we found ourselves in an
African village. People with skin as black as night, the women with their breast shamefully
bared, were dancing in a circle, to the rhythm of the drums being played by a group of men.
Somehow though, I was not offended by the bared breasts, and the music seemed to seep into my soul. God was then a mighty lion, and He let forth a mighty roar. The villagers did not seem to hear, but the drums increased their pounding, and the dancers danced with a frenzy.

And then we were back on the pathway. We walked a bit more, and were on the top of a cliff.
There sat, painted and covered with feathers, an old Navajo man. As I watched, he seemed to change into the form of an eagle and take flight, and we were flying with him, soaring high into the air, seeing the vista spread out below us. And God, in the form of an eagle Himself, seemed to guide this other eagle thru the air, over mountains and thru valleys, until he came upon a group of men. As I watched, the old Navajo man was no longer an eagle, but a young boy instead, and he sat at the feet of these men, to listen to the words of his elders.

And then we were back on the pathway. We traveled a bit, and then we were in a forest clearing. I knew this place. It was known as a place of devil worship and evil. In the center of the clearing roared a great bonfire, and kiwi torches outlined a circle of sorts. Inside this circle, in a circle themselves, stood 7 men and 6 women, dressed in robes of varying colors, their arms raised to the moon. Was that one woman MaryAnne? I really couldn't be sure. And God walked among them in the circle, touching each one. He seemed not to be an older man now, but as he made each of three turns around the circle, he was first a young girl, bouncing with energy, then a woman of middle years, with a tender smile for all Her children, and finally, an old woman, body bent, but holding Her head up with pride. And a woman stepped forward, and yes, it was MaryAnne, and lifted her head to the sky. "Great Goddess, Mother of us all, thank you for joining us tonight. Stay if You will, go if You must. Know in our hearts You will always be welcome. Blessed be!!"

And we were back on the pathway. As we walked along, ahead in the distance I saw the most
beautiful man. Yes, beautiful, though I would never normally think of a man this way. With
blonde hair, and a golden robe, he seemed to radiate sunshine. God and this golden man nodded to each other as they passed, sharing a smile together. "My Lord" I asked, "was that an angel?" "Well, yes, he is known as that to some. He is also known to some as a god himself. That was Lucifer" And His words caused me to stumble. I couldn't believe that we had just passed the ultimate evil. God looked at me, and He knew my mind. And he chuckled a bit. "Think about it logically My son. The Lucifer that you know is a fallen angel, cast out of heaven for challenging Me. If I am the all powerful being, above all others, how could he do this? How could I allow it?" "But, in the bible...." I stammered. "The Bible is a wonderful book, as are the Koran and the Torah and many others, but they are just books, written by the hand of man, not written by Me. And, it's a bit confusing as well if the truth be known, but that's not up to Me to fix. These books are wonderful, but only as guidance, for each man and woman must think for themselves." And, I believed He was right in this. "Now, come forth, we must journey a little more before you go back" and He took my hand once again.

As we followed the pathway, we soared thru the stars, listening to the music of the heavens, we became a little flower and a mighty oak, we became a babbling brook, and a mighty ocean. We flitted from flower to flower as a little honey bee, and ran across the plains as a mighty stallion. And, all too soon the pathway returned us to my home. God held my hand a moment longer, and smiled into my face. "My son, you prayed tonight for a true vision of Me.

For vision, you must only open your eyes and see what there is to see. Good night to you". And then He was gone, and I was back in my bed. A dream I thought, only a dream, that couldn't have been real. At that time, a bolt of lightning lit up my room thru the window, and thunder crashed thru the sky, and I thought I heard, from seemingly far away, "Remember, the Lord works in mysterious ways My son".

This morning as I entered the office, I went to the machine for a cup of coffee, and standing there, I spied MaryAnne. As I approached her, I could see her barely cringe, and I could see in her face that she was expecting yet another onslaught from me and my book. She seemed to cast her eyes about for a way to escape, but there was none. I walked up to her and smiled. "I think I owe you a bit of an apology" I said. "I've been a bit narrow minded of late, and I really had no right to subject you to what I did. It's not up to me to say how you find your path to your spirit, and I was wrong to think that was so," MaryAnne just stood there, not knowing what to say. "So, I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry, and I hope you will forgive my trespass. God bless you MaryAnne, and...uh.... Blessed Be?"

You know, I always thought that it was just a saying, about peoples jaws dropping to the floor, but MaryAnne did her best at that moment to prove me wrong.

Written By Eloria R. Lightfeather

Only when the last tree has died
and the last river has been poisoned
and the last fish has been caught
will we realize that we cannot eat money.
- - 19th - Century Cree Indian

Freedom of Religion means ALL Religions

Idiotic Religious Rivalries

Dear Children (and believe us, that's all of you),

We consider ourselves pretty patient folks. For instance, look at the Grand Canyon. It took millions of years to get it right. And about evolution? Boy, nothing is slower than designing that whole Darwinian thing to take place, cell by cell, and gene by gene.

We've been patient through your fashions, civilizations, wars and schemes, and the countless ways you take Us for granted until you get yourselves into big trouble again and again.

We want to let you know about some of the things that are starting to tick Us off.

First of all, your religious rivalries are driving Us up a wall. Enough already! Let's get one thing straight: These are YOUR religions, not Ours.

We're the whole enchilada; We're beyond them all. Every one of your religions claims there is only one of Us (which by the way, is absolutely true). But in the very next breath, each religion claims it's Our favorite one.

And each claims it's scriptures were written personally by Us, and that all the other scriptures are man-made. Oy Vey. How do We even begin to put a stop to such complicated nonsense?

Okay, listen up now. We're your Father AND Mother, and We don't play favorites among Our children.

Also, We hate to break it to you, but We don't write. Our longhand is awful and We've always
been more of "doers" anyway. So ALL of your books, including those Bibles, were written by men and women. They were inspired, remarkable people, but they also made mistakes here and there. We made sure of that so that you would never trust a written word more than your own living heart.

You see, one human being to Us, even a bum on the street, is worth more than all the Holy Books in the world. That's just the kind of folks we are.

Our spirit is not a historical thing. It's alive right here, right now, as fresh as your next breath.

Holy books and religious rites are sacred and powerful, but not more so than the least of you. They were only meant to steer you in the right direction, not to keep you arguing with each other, and certainly not to keep you from trusting your own personal connection with Us.

Which brings Us to Our next point about your nonsense. You act like We need you and your religions to stick up for Us or "win souls" for Our sake.

Please, don't do Us any favors. We can stand quite well on our own, thank you. We don't need you to defend Us, and We don't need constant credit. We just want you to be good to each other.

And another thing, We don't get all worked up over money or politics, so stop dragging Our names into your dramas. For example, We swear to Us, that We never threatened Oral Roberts.

We never rode in any of Rajneesh's Rolls Royces. We never told Pat Robertson to run for president, and We've never, EVER had a conversation with Jim Baker, Jerry Falwell, or Jimmy Swaggart! Of course, come Judgment Day, We certainly intend to....

The thing is, We want you to stop thinking of religion as some sort of loyalty pledge to Us.

The true purpose of your religions is so that YOU can become more aware of Us, not the other way around. Believe Us, We know you already. We know what's in each of your hearts, and We love you with no strings attached.

Lighten up and enjoy Us. That's what religion is best for. What you seem to forget is how mysterious We are.

You look at the petty differences in your Scriptures and say, "Well, if THIS is the truth, then THAT can't be!" But instead of trying to figure out Our Paradoxes and Unfathomable Nature, which by the way, you NEVER will, why not open your hearts to the simple common threads in all religions.

You know what We're talking about. Love and respect everyone. Be kind, even when life is scary or confusing. Take courage and be of good cheer, for We are always with you. Learn how to be quiet, so you can hear Our still, small voice. (We don't like to shout).

Leave the world a better place by living your life with dignity and gracefulness, for you are Our Own Children. Hold back nothing from life, for the parts of you that can die surely will, and the parts that can't, won't. So don't worry, be happy. (We stole that last line from Bobby McFerrin.)

Simple stuff. Why do you keep making it so complicated? It's like you're always looking for an excuse to be upset. And We're very tired of being your main excuse. Do you think We care whether you call Us.... Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Diana, Wakantonka, Brahma, Cerridwen,

Father, Mother, God, Goddess or even the Void of Nirvana? Do you think We care which of Our special children you feel closest to, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Krishna, Gerald, Mohammed or any of the others? You can call Us and Our Special Ones any name you choose, if only you would go about Our business of loving one another as We love you. How can you keep neglecting something so simple?

We're not telling you to abandon your religions. Enjoy your religions, honor them, learn from them, just as you should enjoy, honor, and learn from your parents.

But do you walk around telling everyone that your parents are better than theirs? Your religion, like your parents, may always have the most special place in your hearts, We don't mind that at all. And We don't want you to combine all the Great Traditions in One Big Mess.

Each religion is unique for a reason. Each has a unique style so that people can find the best path for themselves.

Know that Our Special Children, the ones that your religions revolve around, all live in the same place, (Our heart), and they get along perfectly, We assure you.

The clergy must stop creating a myth of sibling rivalry where there is none. Our blessed children of Earth, the world has grown too small for your pervasive religious bigotry and confusion. The whole planet is connected by air travel, satellite dishes, telephones, fax machines, rock concerts, diseases, and mutual needs and concerns.

Get with the program! If you really want to help, then commit yourselves to figuring out how to feed your hungry, clothe your naked, protect your abused, and shelter your poor. And just as importantly, make your own everyday life a shining example of kindness and good humor.

We've given you all the resources you need, if only you abandon your fear of each other and begin living, loving and laughing together.

We're not really ticked off. We just wanted to grab your attention because We hate to see you suffer. But We have given you free will to choose your own paths, and We just want you to be happy.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,

~ Unknown Author~

Why We Love Children

This is just too cute:

Monday, July 24, 2006

My Motto

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"

Yes, it's even in my profile!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

What Color Are You?

From a test I thought was cute...

You're orange. You're strong and have the reflexes of a tiger. You're overly protective, and those skills come in handy... You're a natural person, with a taste for natural foods (I mean organic, here.). Well, that's not true. ...Just food in general! You're as quick-witted as your reflexes, and sometimes painfully logical. You love wild animals and pets. (Preferably wild animals!) You're a natural person, and a true child of Gaia. You're a stimulating, and outgoing person. You enjoy making people think, especially with your infectiously spontaneous attitude. You're a generally optomistic person, with a love for showing off all of your good traits. Although many people may see you as strung-out, or just plain weird, you're very down-to-earth and humble. You're incredibly sweet (as this color's other name!), and you care about people in general. As this color would describe, you're energetic beyond all human comprehension. You've got a nack for drawing, and you enjoy it, too. When it comes to school, you're a good listener with an even better memory. You're studious... At least when you need to be!

4652 other people got this result!
This quiz has been taken 300171 times.
8% of people had this result.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Learning Italian

I’ve always wanted to learn Italian. My father’s family is from Italy and yet I never learned to speak the language. But, thanks to an innovative program by Dr. Pimsleur which is available on the web at Pimsleur Direct I am now learning to speak Italian. There are 30+ language choices to choose from on this site.

My mom is using the program to re-learn French. My brother is also using the French CD's since his girlfriend is fluent in the language, as well as Greek since he's going to Greece for a week this month.

I have quite a few family members that speak Italian and quite a few friends that also speak Italian. So I know that I will be able to use and practice the language with them.

This program is a fantastic and easy way to learn a 2nd language. It takes you through the learning process without the monotony of having to learn a useless list of words that don’t help you to use them in everyday conversation.

The site is well worth taking a look at if you have any desire to learn another language. You are taught through conversational lessons, not boring lessons of words that have no meaning or use to you.

In the 1st 30 minute lesson I learned to say:

Scusi, signore, lei capisce l'inglese? (Excuse me sir, do you understand English?)
Lei capisce l'inglese? (Do you understand English?)
Io non capisco l'inglese. (I don’t understand English.)
Lei è Americano? (Are you American.)
Sì, Americano? (Yes, American.)

Lei capisce l'italiano? (Do you understand Italian?)
Io capisco un po'. (I understand a little.)
Io capisco un po' l' italiano. (I understand Italian, a little.)

Not bad for someone who just this morning couldn’t say anything in Italian.The spellings may be off a bit, and for that I am sorry.

Now, I can honestly say; Io capisco un po' l' italiano.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


It happens to the best of us no matter the intentions.

Here's the scenerio: You log on to the net/web/usenet/whatever, planning on just checking your email or some other small task. Maybe even looking up the defination of a word, or even googling a new product. And WHAM! Before you know it, you've just lost 4 or 5 hours of your day, or night, as the case may be.

Where does all this time go? How can it have passed without your knowledge? Did you fall asleep and weren't aware of it? We aren't mindless drones that are unaware of the passing of time. And yet somehow time passes and catches us unaware.

I call it "The Black Nowhere" since it's more than just a black hole of time. It has no space really because in reality, the web is an intricate linking of billions of computers in the netherworld of this "thing" we call cyberspace. It isn't one location.

How does it happen? Now there's a question I'd dearly love to be able to answer.

I've talked to my younger brother about it and he says it happens to him too. I've seen first hand how it happens to all three of my children. I have quite a few friends that seem to suffer from this same problem.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no cure for this extremely widespread phenomena.

Doubts Meme

Doubts, From Witches Weekly (Originally posted: July 3rd, 2006)

Do you ever feel yourself pulling away from your spirituality? If so, what do you do to recharge yourself?

Message In A Bottle

Take a look at the picture first. So what did you see?
Now proceed and read below to find an explanation
of what you really saw.
I'm sure you'll find this interesting.

Research has shown that young children cannot identify
the intimate couple because they do not have prior memory
association with such a scenerio.
What they will see are the nine dolphins.
Take another look and decide for yourself what's really there.

Current Terror Alert

This was just too funny not to add here!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Perfection Meme

Booking Through Thursday

  1. What is the most pristine, perfect book in your collection? The one that looks like it's never been opened (and in fact may never have been)? Whose binding is uncracked, the corners still perfect? Reply here

  2. Why is that book so perfect? Was it a gift? Is it a coffee table book too beautiful to use? Something you simply have no interest in and haven't bothered to open? Reply here

My own response:
  1. E.E. Cummings Complete Poems 1904 - 1962
  2. It's in such perfect shape because it is by one of my favorite poets.

Photographic Meme

Introduce yourself to the world

20 questions, and your 20 photographic answers!

About this project

It's simple, take 20 questions and answer them by taking a photograph. Photographic interviews have been completed by many online journalists in the past, but it's time to get the biggest photographic interview started!

Tell your friends, tell strangers - it's time to get to know everyone through images instead of words.

Once you complete the questions, add a comment to this post with a link back to your answers.

q&a : the questions

one. who am i?

two. who knows me best?

three. how old am i? (or how old do i feel?)

four. the most important thing in my life is _____________

five. i always carry _____________________

six. something i always do _____________________

seven. i'm at my happiest when _____________________

eight. on a monday morning, you can find me ____________

nine. my favourite mode of transport

ten. my eyes are _____________________

eleven. my favourite material posession

twelve. to relax, i like to _____________________

thirteen. the town i live in is _____________________

fourteen. my worst habit

fifteen. my guilty pleasure

sixteen. when i look at someone, the first thing i see is _______

seventeen. i think _____________________ is beautiful

eighteen. one thing i can live without

nineteen. one thing people don't know about me

twenty. my life is ___________________

Original Meme: Sh1ft Projects

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

For My Mom

A Mother's Love

Always were you there for me
Never seeing anything but good
You cared for me when I was hurt
And wiped the tears away
Unceasingly there to offer advice
To guide me when I went astray
The love unconditionally that you gave
Always there when I needed you
I knew that from the time that I was young
And now that I have grown
You and I have become close friends
A friendship that I cherish
I know the wonders that you feel
When watching your children grow
As I too am a Mother
And I now know the joy it brings
To watch a piece of you live on
Bringing delight to others
As they grow older
I fear how it will be
When the time has come to let them go
To become what I am now
I know the simple joys of parenthood
And the fears that we all feel
Will I be ready when my time comes
To accept they are no longer children
To let them go and live their lives
I hope and pray
That I will have been able
To give them the gift that you have given me
A love strong enough
To hold them in my heart
Yet let my children grow completely
To become adults
And pass that love to theirs.

Jeanine D.
23rd March, 1998

This was a poem I wrote for my mom quite a few years ago and recently came across it again. I thought it might be nice for her to see it here.

My Favorite Quote

Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity!


Faith is our connection with the Divine, and Religion is our
attempt to impose our vision of the Divine on other people.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Reiki and Mainstream Medicine

Reiki has progressively made its way into Mainstream Medicine in the last ten years. We now see Doctors and Nurses applying Reiki before surgeries, while women are in labor, and in many other situations.

Reiki has become more and more widely accepted and it has been shown that when used alongside traditional medicine, rather then choosing one or the other, it works best for the patient. Doctors whose patients have been given Reiki sessions prior to surgery find that they heal faster and with less complications.

Are we seeing a trend here? I don’t think so. Reiki isn’t a fad. Reiki is in fact a 2,000+ year old healing technique that dates back to the origins of our planet.

Traditional Reiki is taught in degrees or levels. Reiki I, II and III or the Master/Teacher level. Reiki level I was at one time taught to all children in school at around the kindergarten level, or between the ages of five and seven. Level II was taught at about the ages of ten to twelve years of age. The Teacher/Master level was taught to those in the Medical and Teaching fields.

Once you are attuned - the process of passing on to the student the ability to access Reiki energy - it is with you always. Reiki becomes a part of you down to the cellular level.

Reiki - what is it?

These days, many people are seeking out alternative forms of healing, and also looking to further develop their Spirituality. Reiki does just that.

Reiki is a means to achieving for you a spiritual breakthrough, overcoming a block that may have been put on your path emotionally, physically, or spiritually, as well as so much more! Reiki is an ancient healing technique that allows us as humans, to aid in the natural healing process.

To date, Reiki is the best means to this end. As well as being one of the most loving forms of natural healing that we have available to us.

Reiki is the life-force energy that is within all of us. But the means to accessing this energy is through an attunement by a Reiki Master. In the Usui System of Natural Healing the life force is honored and used daily to help us and guide us.

There are many ways of accessing the Universal Life-force energy. Reiki is a living, breathing thing. Totally alive. Totally sentient. Reiki is a friend and an ally. If you can't trust anything else in your life, you can trust Reiki.

Most people ask me, "What will I feel during a session?" That's not always an easy answer to give someone. For each person the feelings and effects of Reiki are different. Though what you will usually feel is a soft, warm, soothing heat coming from the Reiki Practitioner's hands. At times, it may even feel quite hot, though will never be hot enough to burn. Some people experience a soothing, cool feeling. Again, this too depends on the recipient and their needs. I have even had people ask me how many were doing the session. I always smile and say, "Just me," and they ask how it was that they felt more then one set of hands during the session. This is often felt because as the hands are moved from one position to another, the feel of that energy is still where it was a few minutes earlier. And at times, this causes the recipient to feel as though either the person is in two places at once or that there is more then one person doing the session.

What you can expect to feel is going to differ from person to person, according to your own needs. Some people go into a deep type of meditative state, while some slip off into a floating type of dreamy feeling. Some people experience vivid swirls of colors and others feel a disconnected feeling from their body, almost as though they are floating above their body or sleeping on water. This one feeling is different then that dreamy feeling. Again, each person will feel something different.

When doing a session, the Reiki Practitioner is working with pure energy and that energy reacts in different ways with different people. The Reiki itself is pure energy and as the session progresses, the Practitioner is working with the recipients energy that is already within their body. This energy works to realign the chakras and energy meridians within the body to help in the healing process. So what can you expect? Along with what I have described here, which just begins to scratch the surface of what you may feel, go into the session with an open mind and allow it to happen as it will. Afterwards, you will feel as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, even if you didn't realize it was there to begin with.

Buddhist Wisdom (Teaching Tales)

The weight of rain presses down on what is tightly covered, but what is open lets the rain pass through. If we remain open to experience and change, we find ourselves able to deal with life’s different weathers.

Buddhist Wisdom (Mind)

Do things really exist as we think they do? When we say here is a table, what do we really mean? If we take away the table legs is that still a table? If we take the top off is it still a table? If we take your worries away are you still you?