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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Top 10 Things to Know about Reiki

When Jesus healed the sick, he turned to the crowd watching and said..."All these things I do, you can do also...and more." Maybe he was right!

1. We ALL have Reiki energy.
Everyone is a healer. What has happened over lifetimes and eons, is that doubts and "can't be's" have plugged up the channel. The painter who gets drops of inspiration in his mind...this is Reiki energy making its way through this very clogged channel.

2. Reiki is everyone's birthright.
Everyone has the Reiki channel. And touch always heals. Anyone can lay their hands on another person (or animal, or plant) and help heal them by transferring their own Reiki energy. But you're using your personal energy. With the Reiki attunement, the channel is cleared and you now have an inexhaustible supply of healing energy.

3. Reiki is holistic.
Reiki balances the body, mind and spirit. And Reiki is very happy to work with all other energies. It's like jell-o after a meal. It sort of runs down and fills in all the spaces and connects everything.

4. Reiki can correct problems before they manifest.
All of us are surrounded by an electromagnetic field. And it has been proven scientifically, that everything that comes into being physically first forms in the electromagnetic field. So a problem that is getting ready to occur in the physical, has already formed in the electromagnetic field. And Reiki is capable of going into that electromagnetic field and correcting the problem before it has physically manifested.

5. Reiki can have many effects on the body.
Peace and relaxation are the most common things that might be experienced. But Reiki can also balance energy; increase awareness; increase creativity; help to release emotions, energy blocks, stress and toxins; support the body's natural ability to heal itself; vitalize both body and soul; re-establish spiritual equilibrium and mental and emotional balance; loosen up blocked energy; and is an extremely pleasant, non-invasive, and holistic method of healing.

6. Reiki can help in the present, go into the past and into the future.
Some of the most profound healing comes from healing the cause, not the affliction. Reiki can go into the past and heal the CAUSE of the problem. Reiki can also go into the future, to an event that is coming up, and there will be healing power waiting for you as you step into that event.

7. Reiki can be sent over infinite distances instantly.
Next door, across the state, around the world. And it's not like you cut a pie into nine pieces and give each person a piece. Everybody gets the whole pie.

8. Reiki is a thousand-year old tradition.
Reiki is a very ancient science and has been documented in 2500 year-old Sanskrit sutras. Stanford researchers, using highly sensitive instruments which can measure the flow of energy as it enters the body, determined that Reiki energy enters the healer through the top of the head and exits through the hands of the Reiki healer.

9. Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy.
When you break down the two syllables: "REI" means universal. "KI" is the vital 'life force energy' which flows through all living beings (like the 'chi' in Chinese medicine).

10. Reiki must be experienced to be appreciated.
Reiki is a living, breathing thing. Totally alive. Totally sentient. Reiki is a friend and an ally. If you can't trust anything else in your life, you can trust Reiki. Several months ago there was an article in a national magazine about a teaching hospital in the East that allows Reiki practitioners into the operating room to give Reiki to patients during surgery. All reports were that these patients healed more quickly and spent less post-op time in the hospital than those who did not receive a Reiki treatment during surgery.

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